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The Heart of Summit County: Dillon, Colorado

The Heart of Summit County: Dillon, Colorado

Posted by admin on February 27, 2019

Town of Dillon

There’s an indescribable magic to a mountain town. Maybe it’s the idea of perfect solitude when you need it, or maybe it’s the idea that the word community still has meaning. Whatever that magic may consist of, one thing is certain, a town like that has to have heart. Dillon, Colorado has heart to spare.

Situated on the northeastern shore of the Snake River, the town known as Dillon was established in 1883. Named after the hard working prospector, Tom Dillon, this town has survived some incredible changes. Due to rising water levels and flooding, the original site of Dillon is currently at the bottom of the lake. Having moved several times, Dillon found its third and final home in 1956.

It’s appropriate this is town is now located at the very heart of Summit County—although it’s seen its share of happiness and hardships, it continues to beat with tenacity. Nestled on the shores of Lake Dillon Reservoir, Dillon has found where it was always meant to be.

Life In Dillon

Life is a little quieter here in Dillon, and that’s just how the residents like it. Whether you’re thinking about planning a visit, or you’re looking at Dillon to relocate, there are key factors that make a place feel like a home.


Proximity to Amenities

Situated between Frisco, Silverthorne, and Keystone—just a few minutes off of I-70—this town is a fantastic basecamp if you’re planning to visit the ski resorts of Summit County. Being at the center has its advantages; each day you could choose a new location to experience. Dillon has walkable spaces, but because main street is not the kind typically seen in mountain resort towns, the community tends to gather around it’s key attractions rather than it’s center. With a marina and amphitheatre all within city limits, there’s no shortage of what you can do in a day at Dillon.


A Majestic Mountain Town

Dillon’s downtown is quaint, and home to many hidden treasures. WIth shops and restaurants that visitors and residents adore, the uniqueness of this town is what lies around and outside of the city center. Designed with integrity, and environmental consciousness, this town quickly opens into sweeping pines, a panoramic view of glistening waters and mountain ranges.


Real Estate

If you’re looking to relocate to a mountain town, make sure that Dillon is on your shortlist. It’s a good time to purchase real estate here, with home appreciation up by about 6.5% over the last year alone. With a year-round population of less than 1,000 it’s an excellent place to call home if you’re in search of a small, unpretentious town that still offers the amenities of the city.

Year Round Activities


Dillon Ice Castles

Dillon is home to majestic ice castles you can see throughout the winter months. With castles that include towers, slides, tunnels, fountains, and thrones, it truly is a sight to see. Made with over 25 million pounds of ice, artisans begin building these castles in November so that visitors can enjoy them throughout the colder months.

A rainbow of candy colored lights lay inside the grand archways and ornate structures of the ice formations. Walking through them feels much like being inside a winter oasis. Whether you’re taking a loved one on a romantic stroll, or taking the whole family to enjoy a night out during winter break; it’s magical to experience what looks like the northern lights in such a tangible way.


Lakes That Take the Cake

dillon_3.jpgNestled comfortably between water and mountains—the scenery is the heart of what Dillon is, and where its located. People come together here to connect with not only nature, but themselves. Dillon Reservoir is home to the highest elevation deepwater marina in the world. With over 3,200 surface acres, the reservoir is a water enthusiasts dream.

A favorite with residents and tourists alike is the Dillon Marina Sailing School, which offers both private and group lessons for the novice to advanced sailor. Rent a stand up paddle, or kayak and explore the lake at your own pace. With over 25 miles of shoreline, the water world in front of you will feel boundless.


Visit the Farmer’s Market

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the harvests of the season at a market to rival all markets.  Vendors from all over the Summit County bring their fresh produce, cheeses, treats, and more. From fresh honey to homemade self-care products, this market is an idyllic way to spend your morning.


The Music Scene

Dillon has a thriving music scene that’s worth experiencing. There’s something so tantalizing about experiencing musical concerts with a group of others. This is why the Dillon Amphitheatre has become the centerpiece for the Summit music scene.

This venue is the perfectly suited for festival type events, as well as more intimate shows. The amphitheatre plays host to numerous events, including; a free concert series as the weather warms, dance nights, and movie nights.


Why Dillon?


A Plan For the Future

Progression is key for continued success, and for that reason, the Town of Dillon has a comprehensive plan to make sure this town is not only known as a fantastic vacation spot, but also a  quality living destination. Taken directly from the Town of Dillon’s Mission Statement:

Dillon is a vibrant community with a proud history and an exciting future that enhances its unique recreational, economic, educational, and environmental characteristics. The Town is dedicated to providing high-quality services to its residents, businesses, and guests through responsive government and through enhancement of cultural and recreational activities in a pedestrian-friendly environment.”

Dillon is a destination that reflects the ideals of its unique Mountain Lakestyle; an enhanced quality of life awaits anyone who seeks it. The natural setting and name recognition through nearby world class ski resorts are invaluable to the uniqueness of the area's economy. Dillon will continue to provide opportunities for growth economically, as well as for the community.


Dillon Homewood Suites

The Town of Dillon has approved a revised set of plans for an extended stay hotel featuring:

  • 117 hotel rooms

  • Swimming pool

  • Rooftop bar

  • Full kitchens in every suite

  • Ski and bicycle storage

These luxury suites will be located in the heart of Ski Country, located only minutes away from five world class mountain resorts, the Dillon Marina, and amphitheatre; increasing the foot traffic in and around the town and giving a boost to Dillon’s economy.


Dillon Amphitheatre

This facility brings the community happiness, and not just through music. To make it as much of a draw as we believe it can be, the facility will get a facelift. The goals of these improvements are:

  • Maintain the culture of the current venue, but create a more contemporary facility

  • Improve patron amenities

    • Improved accessibility

    • Better grass seating for guests

    • Increased restroom facilities

    • Wider stairways and walkways

  • Attract a variety of acts

    • Improved dressing and staging areas

    • Ability to host paid events

  • Festival space

    • Make rentals possible

  • Improve backstage support

    • Larger green rooms

    • Increased storage

    • Improved loading and unloading capabilities

These upgrades will help this facility continue to bring joy to patrons, and bring in both local as well as bigger name acts.


New Town Parks

Dillon has an undeniably beautiful scenery. With a nature preserve, hiking and biking trails, and and world class scenery to capture the hearts of the average family to the outdoorsman alike. Dillon’s outdoor scene and parks are what make this town such a special place to be, and for that reason, the Dillon Town Park is will become even more of an integral space.

The Town Park will get an update, leading to realigned street parking lots, medians, and will include a new bus stop location. The master plan will also includes the addition of a revamped:

  • Climbing wall

  • Picnic areas

  • Playground areas for different age groups


Fall In Love With Dillon, Colorado

Dillon is a tiny town with a big heart. From its mountains to its marinas, Dillon is a gateway to something greater. It’s a door to your next grand adventure, and all you have to do is step through it. If you happen to fall in love with Dillon the way so many have, Wolf Real Estate is here to help you make this town the place you call home. Whether you’re looking for your first home, an investment property, or a vacation getaway in the heart of Summit County; our team understands the importance of every clients needs, hopes, and home dreams. We’ll help you begin your journey, and get you on your way to creating a lifetime of memories.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"We entrusted Kouri to handle 3 real estate transactions for us over the past 10 years. She has been in the area since the late 1970s, so she has tremendous familiarity with Summit County properties, both as they exist today and their history of development. Kouri complements her familiarity with Summit County with great competency that, for us, translated into savings in our pocket. She readily puts her tireless energy at work for her clients, which of course helped to build a long-term relationship with us and repeat business without hesitation. She's the best in Summit County!"  -User 0571849 via Zillow.com


"She listed our home. She made several suggestions on changes to be made to our home which would encourage showings. She had multiple showings almost every week. She works with her son, which actually provided us with 2 agents! She kept us updated on sales in the area. She assisted us with finding people to keep the home very presentable, including snow removals, house cleaning services, and watering of flowers." -LCFobes via Zillow.com


"Kouri went above and beyond to help us purchase a home from a thousand miles away, after only one visit to town. She drove us around in the snow and tromped through houses as they were being built and made special Saturday appointments with architects and builders. We are thrilled with Kouri and will definitely be calling her again for any future real estate needs." -BabsWood via Zillow.com


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