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Property Highlight: 65 Aerie Drive

Property Highlight: 65 Aerie Drive

Posted by admin on March 15, 2019

“We create places that connect people with each other and the natural environment because we believe that when people feel connected to life, they thrive.”

That’s the motto and mission of the TCC Design Build Company, a home design and building company created by Summit County native Nathan Glassman. As a residential building designer, Nathan has devoted his life’s work to finding an aesthetic balance between manmade structures and the natural environment that surround them. Using this design philosophy has enabled him to find creative ways to blend interior and exterior spaces to create homes that harmonize people with their environment. In an age where people are becoming increasingly connected to devices of artificiality, this is a welcome change to the way that we view our living spaces.

Wolf Real Estate is proud to work with Nathan on his latest property creation: a 7100+ square foot home located on 65 Aerie Drive in the town of Silverthorne; a home where the 5 bedrooms and 7 baths barely scratch the surface of how conceptually inspiring it really is.

Please read on below to discover more about the 65 Aerie property and Nathan’s unique building process.


What Was the Inspiration to Build 65 Aerie?

65 Aerie Drive Silverthorne CO-small-036-50-Hallway-333x500-72dpi.jpgNathan Glassman heavily draws from Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle approach, when creating a new design. This means really figuring out the “Why?” of what you are doing, before determining “How?” or “What?” it is that you are trying to accomplish.

For Nathan, his why is to create living environments that interact with the natural environment. People thrive when they are connected to life. A well-designed building should encourage connection between people and nature. This is the basis of every property that Nathan has developed.

With this key mission in mind, the inception of the 65 Aerie property started with a key question…

“How can the natural environment be the heart of a home?”

The approach that Nathan took to solving this question was to first design the outdoor space of the property. As such, the entire building is split in half around a central outdoor area. Each half of the home is designed to serve specific functions: one half is for private rooms, such as the bedrooms, while the other half of the home contains public areas, such as the kitchen and living room.

The two halves of the home are connected in two separate ways. First, through a tunnel that goes through the central outdoor space. The entrance of this tunnel is covered by a waterfall feature (they call the entrance to the tunnel the waterfall room, due to its appearance being designed to resemble being in a cave and looking out at the back of a waterfall). The second connection is a bridge that is transparent on both sides, so that residents can take in the breathtaking views of the Gore Mountains in all directions, or admire the other natural components of the home, such as a pond that the waterfall feeds into.


What Design Features Are Appealing About This Property?

65 Aerie Drive Silverthorne CO-small-023-14-Living Room-666x444-72dpi.jpgClearly, the outdoor environment, water features, and stunning bridge are key features of the 65 Aerie property. However, nearly every room in this home is built with a unique design property that is a fresh take on Nathan’s thesis. For example, the living room is cantilevered, which means that it extends outward from the rest of the home (you actually drive under it to get to the garage). This enables the living room to have a panoramic view of the entire valley. Mountain views were an important consideration point for the entire property, as Nathan believes that natural views are an important part of connecting people to their environment.

Another key component of the property is that the stone dining table is built into the structure, and flows through a massive window to an outside, small patio area. This makes it an indoor and outdoor table, so that residents can eat in the comfort of their home or out in the fresh mountain air.

Throughout the entire home, different rooms are meant to have widely different scales. Some spaces are wide and open, such as the main living room. However, other spaces are strategically meant to be smaller and more intimate. The dining table is a great example of how these two types of rooms can coalesce, as the indoor part of the table is in the main living room, which is big and sprawling. However, the patio with the other side of the table is designed to be a smaller space; an intimate setting that is meant to sit 6 or less people.

There’s also a custom designed light fixture in the main living room that resembles the star pattern that was directly above the property on the day that they broke ground. This is just one more flourish of poetic license in a home that is meant to be both a tribute and an integral part of the environment around it.


Why Silverthorne?

65 Aerie Drive Aerial Winter 2019-8 - Edited.jpgWhile many towns in Summit County fulfill the natural beauty that Nathan wanted in his next home design, he specifically chose Silverthorne for a variety of reasons.

First of all, each potential building site that TCC Design Build Company looked at in the municipality was fulfilling, because there are views that you can’t get in any other part of Summit County. From the vantage of Silverthorne, you can see in all directions, including up a variety of different valleys.

Silverthorne is also a town that is in a unique position for growth. A town center was recently approved by the city council, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for business and development that are opening up in the next several years.

The specific location of Silverthorne also presents a huge advantage, as it is only a little over an hour’s drive from downtown Denver. The town is also a central location in Summit County that makes it convenient to get to any of the surrounding towns, including Breckenridge, Frisco, and Dillon, among others. This means that Silverthorne isn’t married to any particular ski resort, which opens up options for the avid skier.


What’s Next for TCC Design Build Company?

Now that the 65 Aerie property is complete, Nathan and TCC Design Build Company have two more properties in the works, both also on Aerie Drive in Silverthorne. Construction on the first one is slated to start this spring, and both are projected to be finished by fall of 2020.

Both of these properties will continue Nathan’s mission to combine the natural environment into the architectural design of a home. However, each design will be unique, and will accomplish this mission in a completely different way.

You can read more about the specific property features of the 65 Aerie property, here.

If you have any further questions about the property, please contact the team at Wolf Real Estate.

To learn more about TCC Design Build Company, please visit their website at

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