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As longtime residents of Summit County with over 30 years of experience in the local market, we are seasoned experts in all things buying and selling real estate. As Summit County continues to see a development boom, Wolf Real Estate is ready to help the reinvigoration of our community.

Specializing in New Construction

Wolf Real Estate has already gone above and beyond as the name to trust for new construction, new developments, and luxury real estate. Our name is behind only the very best. With Summit County as our haven, we aim to place buyers in homes that will allow them to access what they love and need.

Summit County continues to grow with new home construction, cultivating energized atmospheres for its towns. In particular, the town of Silverthorne has seen significant growth over a short time. If you’d like to read up on all of the new housing developments in their various stages, you can read our blog about it here. New construction is creating more work opportunities, life experiences, and breaths fresh life into our economy. Buyers are looking for real estate agents and brokers they can trust with the important, and life-changing decision of purchasing a home. Purchasing a new construction unit can be as exciting as it is intimidating; that’s why you can trust Wolf Real Estate in your search to find a space that matches your lifestyle and design preferences. What can you expect from a newly constructed home?


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  • Personalization. Purchasing a newly built home presents the homebuyer with opportunities to customize the look and feel of their unique space.

  • Modern amenities. The first thought you have as you walk into your new home shouldn’t be, “I’ll need to change/fix that”. You should be able to benefit from the amenities of your home immediately. New construction makes that possible.

  • Updated floor plans. Contemporary construction floor plans create ease of movement throughout your entire home. This means no wasted square footage and more space where it counts for the most livable home experience.

  • A fresh start. Have you ever been the first person to live in a home? With new construction, you’re guaranteed an undeniably fresh start. No more worrying about repairs you’ll have to make, tired carpet, paint you’ll have to refresh, or appliances you’ll need to replace once you settle in.

Silverthorne new construction

We understand the great amount of thought and planning that goes into the development of each newly built neighborhood. After all, each home is built with the future homeowner in mind. As such, the development of these units is much like a collaboration between the contractor and the needs and wants of potential buyers. We’ve grown alongside the ever-changing real estate market and home design trends; our cultivated knowledge is reflected in each of our listings.

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Blue River Flats



Thoughtfully built along the banks of the beautiful Blue River with various sized units, this location makes an ideal location for homeowners wanting modern amenities without compromising the warmth of a mountain-style home.

If Blue River Flats sounds like a place you’d like to call home, check out the variety of available units here.


Peak Ten Bluffs


These high-end luxury homes prioritize space and views while featuring sophisticated finishes throughout. With its award-winning design and carefully curated features, the homes of Peak Ten Bluffs masterfully blend glamour with rustic whimsy. All but one of the Peak Ten Bluffs homes have sold. If you’d like to know more about the story behind Peak Ten Bluff’s development, you can read our article here.

65 Aerie Drive

Aerie Drive Residences


This oasis of unique and stunning architecture stands elegantly against the backdrop of Silverthorne’s National Forest. With brilliant architecture highlighting the panoramic views, and innovative use of natural materials, this contemporary living space creates a connection between the beauty of its surroundings with that of the homes. To find out more about the inspiration for these homes, read our article about it here, or peruse pictures and take a virtual tour here.


Other New Construction Neighborhoods

Here is a list of our other new construction sites, in various stages of development, with some units currently move-in ready. If you’d like more information about any of these sites, you can read more about them here.


Your Journey with Wolf Real Estate

Our team at Wolf Real Estate understands that modern development and new construction in Summit County should gracefully integrate with what already makes this area unique and desirable. We know our clientele seeks the boldness of luxury mountain real estate, as well as access to the sights and amenities of Summit County’s natural environment.

We’re ahead of the curve in new construction and home trends and our primary goal is to help you find your perfect match. Let Wolf Real Estate assist you in finding your future dream home, vacation getaway, or next real estate investment, in a location where nature and culture thrive for an amazing mountain lifestyle.


59 Mountain Bluebell

What Our Clients Have to Say

"We entrusted Kouri to handle 3 real estate transactions for us over the past 10 years. She has been in the area since the late 1970s, so she has tremendous familiarity with Summit County properties, both as they exist today and their history of development. Kouri complements her familiarity with Summit County with great competency that, for us, translated into savings in our pocket. She readily puts her tireless energy at work for her clients, which of course helped to build a long-term relationship with us and repeat business without hesitation. She's the best in Summit County!"  -User 0571849 via


"She listed our home. She made several suggestions on changes to be made to our home which would encourage showings. She had multiple showings almost every week. She works with her son, which actually provided us with 2 agents! She kept us updated on sales in the area. She assisted us with finding people to keep the home very presentable, including snow removals, house cleaning services, and watering of flowers." -LCFobes via


"Kouri went above and beyond to help us purchase a home from a thousand miles away, after only one visit to town. She drove us around in the snow and tromped through houses as they were being built and made special Saturday appointments with architects and builders. We are thrilled with Kouri and will definitely be calling her again for any future real estate needs." -BabsWood via


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